[ARCHIVED] Singular auction #56 [p3+]


smonikkims: Happy new year everyone! Jan 1, 2021 9:09:31 GMT
leashykitty: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Jan 1, 2021 5:17:09 GMT
Arctic Arie: Happy holidays everyone!! Thank you for another year of petzy cheer. 💕 Dec 25, 2020 11:49:31 GMT *
🌼 Aubrey: Merry Christmas! <3 Dec 25, 2020 9:44:31 GMT
leashykitty: Merry Christmas Ya'll! :D <3 Dec 25, 2020 8:19:53 GMT
smonikkims: Merry Christmas, everyone! Dec 25, 2020 6:19:19 GMT
Thor: Tomorrow I'ma dedicate some time to opening Petz Christmas emails and playing <3 Dec 24, 2020 1:20:11 GMT
Arctic Arie: Meredith "honk if you love rainbows" Meredith?? :o Dec 14, 2020 13:54:05 GMT *
🌼 Aubrey: :o are you the same Meredith from Washed Pants?! WB!! Dec 14, 2020 0:32:02 GMT
chance: hey!! I'm hoping to get back into the PC. my old name was Meredith!! Been playing on and off since like... 2006 n_n Dec 14, 2020 0:21:02 GMT
turmoil: i just returned for christmas hehe Dec 12, 2020 11:40:46 GMT
🌼 Aubrey: all the extra PC'ers makes me want to revive -all- the old forum games >:] Dec 12, 2020 11:22:38 GMT
turmoil: hello!! Dec 12, 2020 9:50:00 GMT
Bunni: I totally feel the same way, smonikkims! I'm so happy to see how active the pc is ♥ Dec 12, 2020 0:15:59 GMT
smonikkims: Is it just me or has the PC been really bustling over the past few weeks especially? I'm feeling inspired <3 Dec 10, 2020 22:28:52 GMT
mistlepinto: The prizebox had a small overhaul and, I believe, has some new friends inside! Dec 4, 2020 10:06:49 GMT *
blackbird26: Anniee it's okay, real life can be very full. I haven't been on much either because my husband's sick again. You stay safe too :) Dec 1, 2020 21:36:11 GMT
mistlepinto: hi anniee, miss you! :) Dec 1, 2020 7:35:07 GMT
smonikkims: I can definitely testify there. Petz has been one of the only things I feel like I can go back to at any time and sink straight back in... I didn't show up for more than a year in my last break! Good on you for juggling all that - see you whenever! Nov 26, 2020 23:49:22 GMT
Arctic Arie: Real life always comes first!! Petz will be here whenever. Hope you are staying safe and healthy. 💕 Nov 25, 2020 10:35:23 GMT