Walk Like An Egyptian (P3+) [ARCHIVED]

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Echotooth: <3 Jul 3, 2024 20:03:01 GMT
Wilds: <3 Jun 30, 2024 9:39:33 GMT
Arie: Cleaned up some old adoption threads - as always, give me a shout if you need anything moved back/reopened/etc.! Apr 28, 2024 19:31:32 GMT
lobb: Baartholomew is adorable and excelently named! Mar 30, 2024 17:15:12 GMT
Arie: That's my little darling Baartholomew 🐏 hexed by Pollypup! Mar 26, 2024 9:13:37 GMT
lobb: what's the cute sheep critter right here on the sidebar? I love it Mar 25, 2024 22:03:02 GMT
dron3390: hiiii Mar 1, 2024 21:30:00 GMT
Arie: HI LESLIE nice to see you!! Feb 2, 2024 9:29:38 GMT
Leslie: HI I'm just feeling nostalgic for Petz and lurking <3 hope you're all doing really well! Feb 1, 2024 22:22:42 GMT
Arie: Is it any better yet? And if not, can you message me specific details please? Thank you!! Jan 8, 2024 19:14:43 GMT
shetanka: It's not always working for me :( Jan 5, 2024 8:39:20 GMT
Arie: Should be fixed - but please let me know if the issue persists! Jan 3, 2024 8:17:36 GMT
Arie: That happens every now and then with Proboards - means it's time for a little maintenance (I'm on it!). If you simply type out the @ and their username, it often still tags/notifies them. :) Jan 2, 2024 9:15:51 GMT *
shetanka: Any ideas why I can't tag some people? I thought I made a typo but I checked it and there was no typo. I just can't do it for some people Jan 2, 2024 8:19:42 GMT
Laura 🐹: Always a little sad to see the Xmas theme disappear for another year :'> Jan 1, 2024 17:00:35 GMT
nebula: rip first stamp u'll be missed ;-; Jan 1, 2024 8:21:09 GMT
Bunni: omg ANOTHER secret stamp *saves* Dec 31, 2023 0:21:20 GMT
Chance~!: also stamps and trading cards are new to me and now I have so many fresh .pngs on my computer my child brain is very happy Dec 27, 2023 21:43:46 GMT
Chance~!: screaming crying throwing up just got my sheepie from Arie Dec 27, 2023 21:34:16 GMT
Arie: Wow you guys have posted in the shout box so much the stamp I posted is almost gone... better post a new one.
Dec 27, 2023 9:07:40 GMT *
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